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Contingent Employment Know as freelancers or independent professionals people who work on their own and offer job services to third parties in piecework, this means they work for a specific service.

This type of service provision is accepted in companies. SMEs that do not have the economic capacity or that wish to hire an employee permanently.

There are many advantages offered by self-employed workers, for example:
Organization: An independent worker is by nature a person able to deal with multiple activities simultaneously without losing their ability to administer and manage delivery times.

Creativity: By the very nature of work, the self-employed must leave their comfort zone and be creative in the context of solutions and construction of new perspectives.

Competitiveness: Independent workers by nature and enjoy being in constant movement, directly affects a high level of performance.

Discipline: They are people, usually with a high sense of responsibility and discipline, careful to meet the delivery dates and the qualities involved.

Informed of the advantages offered by hiring an independent worker. Finally, we recommend that you seek a person with experience in the type of service offered and with good references.
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